Review Policy

Thank you for checking out my review policy!  I have started to get a lot of requests lately for reviews so I decided to put up my policy here so you can check it out before emailing me for a review request.

I do not accept any money for my reviews, nor do I charge for them either.  I started this blog because I love to read.   I love to share books with friends and recommend to them ones that I think are amazing.  I am not an official book-critic either.  I am a normal 27 year old that is obsessed with young adult books and constantly reads them.

What type of books do you review?

I generally like a lot of different types of books.  This blog however is focused on New Adult and Romance Books.  Below are few categories in those two genres that I enjoy

  • paranormal romance
  • romance
  • paranormal
  • fantasy
  • steam punk
  • urban fantasy
  • dystopia
  • science fiction
  • contemporary
  • mystery/thrillers
  • historical fiction

If your book is a young adult novel I love those as well.  I love them so much actually that I have a whole website dedicated to them!  Check out

There are a few types of books that I don’t usually like to read:

  • Memoirs
  • Non-Fiction
  • Biography
  • Anything extremely religious
  • Self- Help or How To Books
  • Anything Political

If you still don’t know if I would like to read your book you can always email me at  If I honestly think that I won’t like it I will let you know right away so I don’t waste your time.

What formats do you like?

I’m attached to my Kindle so Kindle format is great.  I will also accept pdf’s and hard copies if needed.  If you do want to send me a hard copy please email me and I will get you the address.

What are your reviews like?

I always include:

  • Picture of cover
  • Format (ebook, paper back etc)
  • Publisher
  • Published date
  • Number of pages
  • Book description

After that I write my review without spoiling what happens in the story, because I hate reviews where they tell you everything.  If you want I can also include any links to amazon, your blog, and goodreads and a book trailer if you have one.  If you want anything else included please let me know and I am usually happy to add anything you’d like.

What if you don’t like my book?

I personally hate writing bad reviews.  Not everyone has the same tastes as me so just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean that someone else won’t.  If while reading your book, I realize that I don’t like it I will let you know, and I will give you a few options to choose from:

  • Instead of reviewing the book, we can do an interview or a giveaway of some sort to help promote your book
  • I can reach out to fellow bloggers to see if they would be interested
  • I can send you my review and you decide if you want it up or not
  • I can have a guest post of your choice on my blog for a review

The chances that I won’t like your book is very slim.  I am very easy going when it comes to reading and if you have an interesting story then I most likely will like it.  Also I am not one of those reviewers that will go on a tirade if your grammar is incorrect or there are typos, especially for those authors that are self-published.

Either way, if I don’t like your book I will talk to you about it and we will figure out the best course of action from there.

How long will it take to review my book?

I read fairly quickly and depending on my time I can usually read and review the book in a week.  That being said, life does happen so if something comes up and I cannot finish your book and review it within the week I will let you know and I will try to get it up as quickly as possible.

Do you participate in blog tours?

Yes!  I love blog tours.  If you are organizing one I would love to be involved, please send over the information to  I also organize them as well, so if you ever need help to get one going please let me know.

How do I contact you?

Email –



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